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Manchu Vishnu puts everyone in confusion by announcing reality show

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Manchu Vishnu is not a new name to controversy. Infact, it is his off-screen histrionics that make more news than his on-screen performances. The present MAA President once again came to the limelight recently after a video featuring him surfaced online.

In the video, Vishnu can be seen in an aggressive confrontation at someone’s house. The fact that made the video viral was that it was Manchu Manoj who could be heard in the video complaining about his brother’s activities.

Responding to this video that went viral, Vishnu stated the incident was trivial and stated that this was a minor family matter that should not be considered a serious problem.

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Everyone thought this matter was settled but now, a new confusion has cropped up. Manchu Vishnu announced a new reality show ‘House of Manchus’. This show will give viewers a sneak peek into the Manchu household. The sudden announcement of this reality show is now making people wonder if the video that went viral was staged for this show’s publicity.

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