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Mahesh Fans OVER reACTION on Thaman leads to a Trend

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The release of the 2nd single ‘Oh my Baby from Guntur Kaaram has evoked mixed reactions. While some Mahesh fans felt the song was fine, there were many for whom the song did not work. It is a totally justifiable situation as not every song is an instant hit and while some grow over time, some don’t. ‘Oh My Baby’ could grow on people with time or just be forgotten over time as an average song.

Yes, the fans had more expectations so the disappointment is fine but what’s not fine is the constant negative trends regarding the music of Guntur Kaaram. Since last night, the fans are carrying out negative trends on Thaman in social media which is unnecessary and creating a lot of negative buzz for the film.

It is not the first time a highly anticipated song has received a mixed response. Recently promotional content like trailers, songs, and teasers for many star hero movies received poor response. But none of those fans started a negative trending or campaign about the film. But Mahesh fans are doing all of this just for a song and that behaviour is absolutely pathetic.

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