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Krishnamma movie review: Revenge drama that’s hampered by its pace

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Movie: Krishnamma
Rating: 2.75/5
Cast:  Satyadev, Archana, Krishna Burugula, Athira, Meesala Lakshman
Director: V V Gopala Krishna
Produced By:  Krishna Kommalapati
Release Date: May 10th, 2024

The trailer of Satyadev’s Krishnamma promised to be an action entertainer filled with intense moments and featured him in a completely rugged avatar. The inside reports and industry feedback on the movie presented by Koratala Siva have been largely positive. But the success of the movie depends on the audience’s reception. Let’s find out if the movie has enough fire and intensity as the trailer promised.


Bhadra (Satyadev), Koti (Meesala Lakshman), and Shiva (Krishna Teja Reddy) are three childhood friends who are also orphans. Having grown up together, they share quite a strong bond. The trio’s lives change forever when they find themselves at the center of a smuggling case and get lodged in jail. What happens next and what dark secrets they unravel is what this revenge drama follows.


Satyadev is the heart and soul of this movie. He effortlessly portrays the role of a guy next door as well as a prisoner filled with the fury of revenge. His intensity and action sequences are a revelation and he manages to portray Bhadra’s character with terrific conviction. Meesala Lakshman and Krishna Teja Reddy are perfect support to Satyadev and their humorous sequences and bond add a great depth to the proceedings. The supporting cast featuring Nanda Gopal and Athira Raj among others have done a decent job.


  • Satyadev’s performance
  • Plot
  • Action sequences
  • Raw portrayal
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  • Slow first half
  • Dragged screenplay
  • Predictable scenes in the second half


The film really picks up steam in the middle when the primary narrative is revealed, showing that it’s a revenge drama as well as a story of friendship. Krishnamma’s main focus is on corrupt police tactics, such as framing innocent people in order to shield powerful individuals. The issue of police brutality on commoners and the downtrodden has been touched several times in Tamil cinema recently and portraying this issue with such realism is definitely appreciated.

The natural and realistic portrayal of the characters is one of the biggest positives of the movie and kudos to the director for choosing to go down the raw path. While the film stays close to reality in major parts, it also suffers with the unnecessary need for commercial elements such as a romantic angle. The portions involving Satyadev and Archana harm the movie’s flow and look quite out of place. The main plot and the trio’s dynamics should have been focussed on more instead of a romantic plot.


Krishnamma has its flaws in screenplay and pacing. Satyadev, however, makes up for this flaw with a gripping performance that will surely earn him several accolades. Do watch the movie if you are into revenge action entertainers with a dash of reality.

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