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Kannada People Haven’t Fully Embraced Prashant Neel

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Kannada People haven’t fully embraced Prashant Neel. It is widely known that the director Prashanth Neel has established a star image with the KGF Series. The director hails from a Telugu-speaking family in Karnataka. Prashanth Neel’s latest film, Salaar, was released in theaters worldwide on December 22nd. Kannada People haven’t fully embraced Prashant Neel.

You don’t need a special introduction to describe how SS Rajamouli changed and raised the Telugu cinema market with the Baahubali Series. In the same way, Prashant Neel shifted the Kannada Cinema graph with KGF Series. We know how big the brand Rajamouli is in Telugu states, but it seems Kannada people have not owned Prashant Neel like how the Telugu people owned Rajamouli.

KGF Part 1’s Kannada version worked very well in Karnataka. It was released as a Kannada film, and other versions did not have significant numbers then. KGF 2’s Kannada version did smaller numbers than KGF 1 in Karnataka.

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Even with other languages’ massive support for KGF 2, there is little difference in KGF 2 and KGF 1 numbers in Karnataka. A small-budget film, Kantara, broke the KGF 2 record, an example of how KGF 2 had underperformed in Karnataka. Kannada version KGF 1 is miles away from KGF 2 in Karnataka. 

Now Salaar, the latest film, was released this Friday. Usually, it has to take a record opening in Karnataka, and the Kannada version should have worked big as Prashant Neel is the director and Hombale Films are the producers. But still, the numbers, just like Prabha s’s Biggie and Prashanth Neel’s image or name, did not make any difference. 

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The Kannada version of Salaar should have worked well for the opening. We need to see whether it will work in full run or not. It clearly shows how Kannada people have yet to fully own Prashanth Neel. We can say Telugu people have owned Prashanth Neel much more than Kannada people.

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