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Salaar trailer update arrives with a stunning poster

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Hombale Films has finally announced the release date of Salaar trailer. Just as reported earlier, the trailer will be released on December 1st at 7:19 PM. The release of this trailer has been one of the biggest points of discussion for quite some time. Ever since the film was postponed from 28th September to 22nd December, fans have been eager to know more about the world that Prashanth Neel has created in Salaar and how Prabhas will appear in the film.

The makers announced this update with an all-new stunning poster featuring Prabhas in all his violent glory. The ‘Rebel Star’ can be seen standing atop a vehicle firing bullets. This stylish poster has caught everyone’s attention and everyone’s eagerly waiting for the date of trailer release.

Earlier there were reports that Salaar will have a single trailer for all languages. While this strategy worked for the teaser as it had just one dialogue, fans were worried that the trailer needs more talkie parts, and releasing it all in just one language would not help in making the dialogues popular and the trailer viral.

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However, Prashanth Neel has denied this rumour. Speaking at an event the director said, “We have not planned anything as such and if we plan something on those lines, we’ll make a big announcement.” This statement from Neel has given huge relief to Prabhas fans. Meanwhile, all eyes are now set on December 1st as the month of Salaar release arrives and so does the long countdown to see Prabhas on the big screen.

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