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Japan Movie Review – Only Karthi shines in this unexciting crime thriller

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Movie: Japan
Rating: 2.25/5
Cast: Karthi, Anu Immanuel, Sunil, Vijay Melton
Director: Raju Murugan
Produced By: SR Prabhu, SR Prakash Babu
Release Date: 10th November 2023

Karthi came before Telugu and Tamil audiences with his 25th film, Japan, with an interesting story plot. The trailer was different and everyone excepted another good film from Karthi. However, only Karthi was able to shine in this unexciting thriller. Scroll down for the review of the movie.

Story: 200 Crores Worth Jewelry gets robbed in a jewelry shop in Hyderabad. The robbery is said to be done by Japan (Karthi) Sridhar (Sunil) and Bhavani (Vijay Melton) are appointed as the investigative officers, and they begin their investigation to catch Japan. Did they succeed in catching Japan? How did Japan deal with the Police? How is Sanju (Anu Immanuel) related to Japan?

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Performances: Karthi performed with his ease and tried to carry the entire film on his shoulders. Sunil was fine and so was Vijay Melton. Anu Immanuel does not have much scope to perform.


  • Karthi’s Performance
  • Few action episodes


  • Boring Narrative
  • Lack of Emotions
  • Weak writing

Japan Movie Verdict:

Japan had a crazy lead character in a regular plot. However, the film turns out to be an unexciting crime thriller because of dragged screenplay, weak writing and lifeless emotions. Only Karthi was able to shine with his earnest attempt to entertain as Japan.

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