Jalsa Special Shows Confirmed For Pawan Kalyan’s Birthday

After the mass euphoria around Mahesh Babu’s Pokiri special shows, it looks like this trend of conducting grand special shows is going to be a constant thing. Fans of the star heroes will not stop until each record is broken.

There is no doubt that Mahesh Babu has one of the most hardcore fanbases in Tollywood. But, if there is anyone who can beat him in this regard, it is Powerstar Pawan Kalyan. Whether it is a good film or a bad film, he has the ability to pull the audiences to the theatres, at least on the opening weekend. After that, it is up to the content in the movie.

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On the occasion of Pawan Kalyan’s birthday on September 2nd, fans of the actor have arranged special shows to celebrate his iconic film Jalsa. Jalsa became a huge hit at the time of release and Pawan Kalyan’s style and mannerisms in the film were really enjoyable as well.

Pawan Kalyan’s fans are on a mission to break the record set by Mahesh’s fans and if any actor can do that, it is him. He possesses a craze that is truly unmatched and to add to that, Jalsa is an iconic film that has a cult fanbase of its own.

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