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Huge Demand For Sukumar Assistants In Industry

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Sukumar is one of the most sought-after directors in the Telugu Film Industry right now. With Rangasthalam itself, he rose to great heights, and now with the success of Pushpa: The Rise and the excitement for Pushpa: the Rule, there is no stopping him.

But it is not just Sukumar who is being sought after, it is his assistant directors as well. They are in huge demand now as producers and heroes are looking to score blockbusters at the moment.

Just take a look at Buchi Babu, for example, he created a sensation with Uppena in 2021 and is now going to be directing Ram Charan, one of the most popular actors in all of India at the moment.

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In addition to Buchi Babu, we now have another director Srikanth Odela who is being introduced with Dasara. Getting a first film with Natural Star Nani is a dream for many directors and this is the perfect start for him. If Dasara becomes a huge hit then offers will be galore for Srikanth Odela. Nani himself has said at an event, “Srikanth Odela is the one to look out for in the future.”

The buzz and hype for Dasara are at an all-time high already and the enquires for dates of the director have already started.

Owing to the brilliant reputation of Sukumar’s assistants, producers and heroes have started asking these directors to come up with a full script and are ready to give them chances. Sukumar has to be undoubtedly credited for nurturing such talent.

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