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Financiers boycott Puri Jagannadh and term him the biggest cheater

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Liger’s failure has been a huge setback for the entire movie unit. Puri Jagannadh in particular has been affected massively by its failure with distributors and financiers seeking compensation.

Puri Jagannadh had earlier promised the buyers that he will compensate them the amount for Liger’s losses. But the problem is after this statement he has not responded to calls or messages of anyone from the distributor circle. Seeing inactivity on Puri’s side, the buyers planned to go on strike and start a demonstration in front of the director’s house.

Terming this strike as total blackmail, the director has decided to file a police case on them. Now the financiers have decided not to finance any of the films from Puri’s side in the future. The financiers also added that they helped Puri out in his tough time and termed him a cheater for his plans to escape from the losses and blaming the trade circles instead.

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