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Finally, Rajamouli proves RRR is bigger and miles ahead of Baahubali series

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Before the release of RRR, Rajamouli and the entire team thought RRR will be bigger than the Baahubali franchise and that it will create records. However, Despite the success of RRR, it was nowhere near the range of Baahubali.

Overall, the film’s box office performance was not up to the trade circles expectations. But after releasing the film on OTT, it received a massive response from foreign audiences and the team promoted it further and release the film into the international markets.

Somehow it looked like Rajamouli was disappointed with the RRR box office, even in interviews Rajamouli words expressed this feeling. Thereafter, Rajamouli mentioned several times that box office wise, Baahubali 2 might be the biggest film, but recognition wise RRR is miles ahead of Baahubali series, which shocked everyone.

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The trade circles and netizens laughed at the statement of Rajamouli and thought he was unable to accept the truth, but the current acknowledgment of RRR proves Rajamouli was always correct. RRR is now not only ahead of Baahubali 2 but is ahead of any Indian film as it took the Indian cinema to another level which was never happened before.

As said above, after the OTT release, the name and fame of RRR went global, which no one would have imagined. The film got appreciation from the Hollywood audience and filmmakers like James Cameron and Steven Spielberg. Rajamouli’s vision and imagination paid off, and we wish he reaches further heights with his next film with Mahesh Babu.

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