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Fans and audiences are extremely unhappy with Mega Princess Niharika

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Normally, the fans of Telugu heroes or for that matter, even the audience do not like if women from the heroes family act in films in glamorous roles, or they do any bold content. This is the reason the fans will always say NO when someone from the hero’s family wants to become an actress. Because they do not want to see their favorite Hero family ladies to be involved in this glamour industry.

Mega Princess Niharika Konidela has also faced these issues in her earlier days of career, but she proved her capabilities with a web series named Mudda Pappu Avakaya which was a big hit and Niharika’s characterization clicked well. After that, she debuted in the Telugu film industry but did not get any success though she was appreciated for her performances. Also, she did not do any glamorous kind of roles in movies she acted in.

Then after she got married and took a break from acting. She gave a comeback with a new web series, Dead Pixels. However, fans were unhappy with this web series as they are unable to bear a bit of bold content in film and Niharika has played a character which has some adult dialogues which the fans thought unnecessary for her. Leaving the bold content, there is no actual content in the series and failed to attract the viewers.

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But anyone with a sane mind can understand that whatever the dialogues or scenes which the fans are complaining about are merely a work of fiction and Dead Pixels is a web series and not a regular Telugu film. Characters in the series are flawed and not a perfect example of a good person. So, there is nothing for the mega fans in the web series to be unhappy about, and they should not behave like chauvinists, as they do not have any right to tell Niharika what to do and what not to do.

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