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Early premiers in Telugu states are working wonders for good films

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The early premiers in Telugu states are working wonders for good films. It is widely known that the filmmakers in the Telugu film industry have started a new trend of having paid/early premiers in the Telugu states. There has been a difference in taste between overseas and local audiences, and many times, we have seen films that were not impressive for overseas audiences that did great numbers in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Before a few months, the early premiers were not a trend. The first talk started from an overseas audience, and the media reviews greatly impacted the films’ results. But recently, many films have arranged the paid premiers in Telugu states before the release date. Early premiers in Telugu states are working wonders for good cinema. For Example, a small film like MAD got a good talk from the paid premiers, and the latest film of Natural Star Nani, Hi Nanna, also had a special show for the closed circles, which brought superb talk.

Before this trend, media reviews and overseas audience word of mouth were critical, but now the talk is coming from our local audience, benefiting the films. If the movie’s content is good, it helps the movie.

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One cannot deny that there is a considerable risk if word of mouth comes wrong from the paid premiers. The movies that receive bad talk are crashing on day one without even getting minimal openings at the box office, for example, Naga Shaurya’s Rangabali. But for sound films, the shows are a great help. 

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