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Vetrimaaran shocks everyone with the budget economics of Viduthalai

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Vetrimaaran shocks everyone with the budget economics of Viduthalai. Viduthalai Part 1 was released in this year March and worked very well at the box office and now the team working on Part 2 shooting which is expected to be released in summer 2025. While the fans are eagerly waiting for the release of Viduthalai Part 2, Vetrimaaran shocks everyone with the budget economics of Viduthalai.

Vetrimaaran said that the planned budget for Viduthalai Part 1 was just 4.5Cr, but the final budget of the film was 65Cr. The revelation of these numbers from Vetri has come as a shocker for all, as there is so much difference between the starting and final number.

Vetrimaaran told these details in a recent interview. He also stated that this is happening for all his movies. According to Vetrimaaran, he plans his films in some budget before the shooting, but after going to the set always his films’ budget go beyond the limits.

The Asuran Director said that at first he did not plan big sequences for Viduthalai Part 1, but the producers were keen to add action parts because they had already crossed the budget limits so they did not have to compromise and give the best. He thanked his Producer. If a movie works then this kind of mismatched budget calculation can do no wrong, but if a movie did, then it will create problems for the makers.

Vetrimaaran should be answerable to many things if things continue like this, if the results of his films do not go in favor. Going over 30 — 35% than the planned budget is fine, but going beyond that is always a big danger for any filmmaker.

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Vetrimaaran recalled his initial commitment to finish the project in 35 days, which was similar to his previous work Visaranai (2016), but he found out that completing only 10% of the film in 20 days, as he visited the locations.

He reflected, “By then, we had already exhausted 70 percent of the budget. The hill we chose for filming prohibited vehicle access, necessitating the manual transport of all equipment. Atop the hill, we set up tents for 250 people and installed 10–12 toilets for the villagers so that we could also use them. One day, a severe storm arrived and dismantled all our tents. Upon returning to the ground, I came to the realization that I can’t complete this project.”

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“Then, I called the producer and asked him if we should consider working on something else. He reminded me that we had already expended a significant portion of the budget on this project and suggested that we continue with it. Since returning to the hillock posed difficulties, I assured him that I would find an alternative location to shoot those scenes. I envisioned that in this new setting, I could complete most portions of the film within 10 days. However, despite spending 40 days filming at the new location, I fell short of achieving what I initially anticipated finishing in 10 days. By that point, the budget had tripled from my initial estimate,” he said.

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