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Bigg Boss Tamil Wars: Vanitha brutally attacked by a Pradeep fan

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Amid the Bigg Boss Tamil Wars,  Vanitha is brutally attacked by a Pradeep fan. The social media fury of actor Pradeep Antony’s fans for his eviction from Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7 has escalated to a shocking degree. Actress Vanitha Vijaykumar shared a photo of her bruised face on Twitter (now X) on Sunday (November 26) and said she was assaulted by a stranger last night.

“Brutally attacked by god knows who! A so-called #PradeepAntony supporter. I finished my #BiggBossTamil7 review, had dinner, and walked down to my car I parked in my sister Sowmyas’s house was dark, and a man appeared from nowhere and said red card kudukreengala (‘Did you give a red card?’)”. After the daily episode is aired at night, Vanitha reviews it for a YouTube channel.

Vanitha’s daughter, Jovika Vijaykumar, is also among the contestants in the show, hosted by actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan. He showed a red card to co-contestant Pradeep, who sought expulsion from the Bigg Boss house. According to the women in the show, they felt unsafe around Pradeep because he regularly threatened all the contestants and made demeaning remarks towards the female ones.

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There was a huge social media outcry over Pradeep’s expulsion from the Bigg Boss Reality Game Show. The actor’s fans claimed the participants used the ‘women card’ to eliminate a highly competitive player from the show. A large number of Tamil Nadu celebrities expressed support for Pradeep but did not condemn the misogynist statements he made on television.

Maya S Krishnan and Poornima Ravi expressed fear that Pradeep’s fans would attack them once they left the show after being expelled. Now, actress Vanitha Vijaykumar has faced a shocking and brutal attack by a fan.

Aishu, another contestant who was evicted two weeks ago, expressed her contemplation of suicide due to the severe hatred and bullying on social media. In a social media post, she revealed that she suppressed her suicidal thoughts only because she couldn’t stand the thought of how it would harm her parents. She apologized to Pradeep for ‘betraying’ him, but it was apparent that she was doing so to protect herself and her family from the negativity on social media.

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