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Kamal Haasan faces audience backlash for Pradeep’s elimination

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Kamal Haasan faces audience backlash for Pradeep’s elimination. Hosting the reality game show Bigg Boss is not at all easy, as when the audience feels the host’s decision is wrong, then he will face a massive backlash on social media. This happened in Telugu for Nani in season 2, and Nagarjuna also had the same experience in Telugu Bigg Boss for a few episodes in the last season and this season.

Now Kamal Hassan is facing backlash from the Tamil audience for Pradeep’s elimination. It is widely known that the Ulaganaayagan is hosting Tamil Bigg Boss for seven continuous seasons. Yesterday, he decided to give a red card to the contestant named Pradeep when the other contestants stated the reason for women’s safety.

His character was very badly portrayed and assassinated for elimination, and many audiences feel it was a wrong decision from Kamal Haasan and it is entirely unfair. Everyone is posting against Kamal on social media. 

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The promising young hero Kavin, a long-time friend of Pradeep, shared a pic of them both and wrote on his social media account, “People who know you will ALWAYS KNOW YOU!”. Lyricist Snehan, a former ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant himself, and his wife, actress Kannika, extended their support by penning a poem in Tamil that says, “There is no pain or scars that you have not encountered in your life…This too shall pass…Life is not in any house but outside…welcome.'”

Pradeep Antony, an actor known for his roles in ‘Aruvi,’ ‘Vaazhl,’ and ‘DaDa,’ has been considered a worthy finalist for the past month. His honesty, openness, and ability to handle issues with his co-contestants face-to-face earned him a positive reputation among viewers.

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He was kicked out by his fellow contestants who could not oppose him directly, and they used the red card when they got the chance. The host, Kamal Haasan, evicted Pradeep yesterday after almost all the contestants in the Bigg Boss house reported him as dangerous to women.

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