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Directors should learn marketing techniques from Lokesh Kanagaraj

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Lokesh Kanagaraj is not just a name now, it is a brand in Kollywood or even in the South Indian Film Industry. This talented director went into the different league altogether with his films. His filmography is path breaking and jaw dropping. He started his career on a decent note with Maanagaram and hit a sixer straight away with Kaithi.

Talent always climbs high soon and the capable director grabbed the big one with Vijay Thalapathy’s Master and thereafter the magnanimous Vikram with Kamal Haasan. And the important thing is he proved himself every single time whenever he got the opportunity.

Normally, 90% of the film teams will not promote the films until the release date gets closer. But Lokesh Kanagaraj always creates the curiosity and buzz with just announcements of his films. For Vikram also he built a a great buzz with just a glimpse. The craze started from there, and it generated industry records in Tamil Cinema.

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Now he’s repeating the same with Thalapathy67 by doing the daily promotions of cast and crew announcements and the business deals announcements. These things have already set up the huge buzz around the film.

There are several pan India films of which over 50% shooting has been completed, but still, there are no updates about those films from the respective teams. But here is lokesh who is making the audience talk about his film even before the release of teaser. Directors should learn these marketing techniques from Lokesh Kanagaraj.

Lokesh is enjoying the dream phase at present. The brand Lokesh is bigger than star Heroes now in the Tamil industry. And it is certain that his craze will become double with Thalapathy67, Kaithi 2 and Vikram 2 films.

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