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Dimple Hayathi’s lawyer clarification on police case against her

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Actress Dimple Hayathi, who was recently featured in Gopi Chand’s “Ramabanam,” and her boyfriend, Victor David, were in the headlines because of a police case. Police said she attempted to damage the officer’s official car by parking her car in front of his, thus preventing the officer’s ability to do his work. She and her boyfriend allegedly behaved badly when Constable Chetan Kumar challenged their actions. A case had been registered against her and notices issued under the CRPC 41(a) provision.

However, the lawyer of Dimple Hayathi has given the clarification on the police case against the actress. Dimple’s lawyer Paul Satyanarayana alleged that a false case was filed against actress Dimple Hayathi. He said the DCP had spoken to Dimple several times in a rash manner. He also questioned how the cement bricks on the road got into the private apartment, as the cones were placed in the parking lot of Dimple’s car. We have been asking for the same thing for the past two months,” he said. “We will fight this legally,” he said.

Dimple’s lawyer, Paul Satyanarayana said, A false case was deliberately filed against Dimple. The DCP spoke rashly to Dimple many times. The cones were placed in Dimple’s parking lot, who is a celebrity. She kicked the Cones with her foot in impatience as he did not listen to her countless times. Dimple threatened to file a case against the DCP. So, a case was filed against Dimple. The DCP’s intention was to harass her. Why is the DCP here instead of staying in the quarters?”The lawyer said.

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“If you want to bring cement bricks, you should bring it with a small crane. Firstly, we have to know how they are brought in a private apartment. Government property is being misused. Doesn’t a DCP level person know how to behave with a girl? She also refused to file a case against the police officer. But the IPS filed a case on her with his driver. Dimple also complained to the police, but they did not take her complaint. She was made to sit in the PS for 4 hours. We will fight this case legally.” lawyer said.

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