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Dil Raju intentionally hurting Hanuman Producers

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Dil Raju is intentionally hurting Hanuman Producers. It is widely known that on the evening of the 4th of January, the Telugu Film Chamber and Sankranthi Producers met and officially announced the postponement of Ravi Teja’s Eagle. The film moved from Sankranthi and will be released on 9th February. 

It is open news that some differences have been created between Dil Raju and Hanuman Producer Niranjan Reddy, and Niranjan Reddy expressed his concern that they were not even getting a minimum number of theatres in Nizam.

Dil Raju says Hanuman is the least preferable movie in Sankranthi releases

Yesterday, while speaking to the press, Dil Raju said that the theatres will be allocated according to the star status. He informed me that the priority is Mahesh Babu, the Second priority is Venkatesh, followed by Nagarjuna, and lastly, Hanuman. Dil Raju is intentionally hurting Hanuman Producers with these words. 

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If we observe the anticipation in the audiences and even business-wise, Guntur Kaaram will be at the top place. Dil Raju is correct to quote that Venkatesh and Nagarjuna are more prominent stars than Teja Sajja, the lead of Hanuman.

But what matters is the buzz and business of the films. Hanuman’s business and buzz are on par or even more than Saindhav and Naa Saami Ranga. It did 20Cr+ business in Telugu states.  It did 7Cr+ business in Nizam, but Dil Raju still put the film in the last position. This looks pretty intentional as Dil Raju is releasing the three films Guntur Kaaram, Saindhav, and Naa Saami Ranga in Nizam, and Mythri releases Hanuman. 

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If Dil Raju had said that he is releasing three films, and that is why he has allotted maximum theatres for his movies, then it would make some sense, but generalizing things and saying Hanuman is the last preferable film for theatres is nothing but unnecessarily hurting Hanuman’s Producers.

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