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Hanuman producer raises concerns about Dil Raju regarding theater issues, but Dil Raju has his reasons

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Hanuman producer raises concerns about Dil Raju regarding theater issues, but Dil Raju has his reasons. For a few days, the drama around the theater allocation for Mahesh Babu’s Guntur Kaaram and Teja Sajja’s Hanuman has been the talk of the town in Tollywood Circles. The Producer of Hanuman arranged a press meet and complained that his film is not getting enough theaters in Nizam.

Especially in single screens, Hanuman is not even getting 10% of screens, as Dil Raju locked all the theaters for Guntur Kaaram and other releases. Definitely he will feel the pain as he put massive budget on the film, and he wants the movie to perform big, but here Dil Raju has multiple reasons to have more theaters for Guntur Kaaram.

Dil Raju bought Guntur Kaaram in Nizam for a huge price

He bought Guntur Kaaram for a record price of 45Cr. So that huge amount has to be recovered, and he is also releasing Saindhav, and Naa Saami Ranga so he needs to allot theaters for three films.

Dil Raju not happy with Hanuman Team

Dil Raju was not happy with the Hanuman team’s response to his inputs. When he suggested releasing the film on 11th or 14th January, the team denied by saying agreements had been done for 12th January. In the cinema industry, everyone changes the release dates, and it is very common.

The date shift can be easily done, but the producers of Hanuman hesitated to prepone or postpone the film, and they did not attend the meeting of Producers which was scheduled to discuss the issues of Sankranthi releases.

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Mythri Vs Dil Raju in Nizam

Hanuman movie’s rights in Nizam have been bought by Mythri Movies. In the Nizam distribution field, a Cold War has been happening between Dil Raju and Mythri group for a long time. The industry insiders say that Mythri Movies opened the distribution office only to go against Dil Raju.

So all these reasons have made Dil Rau has to do show his strength by putting more theaters for Guntur Kaaram. Hanuman team has all the rights to raise their concern. But some sections of the media is playing the drama of small and big film.

However, they have to understand a fact that here Hanuman is not the single Small/ Medium budget film but excluding Guntur Kaaram, all the films have done same range business. Every movie is suffering to get theaters as one movie is suffering in one area and the other movie is suffering in another area. Even Guntur Kaaram is not getting enough theaters or shows in many stations of Andhra Pradesh.

So, people who are trying to make Dil Raju and Guntur Kaaram’s team as. villains should know that no one will do any favor to anyone in Sankranthi releases. Everyone is going on their own egos, so there is no meaning in raising the concerns. Others will do favor when we do the favor to them.

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