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Animal Movie — Boothu or Bold?

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Animal movie’s bold scenes are generating many debates. All the arguments and discussions regarding the film boils down to one question, and that is Animal Movie — Boothu or Bold? Even for the first film of director Sandeep Reddy Vanga the same debate happened, but this time the effect is more.

It is widely known that Arjun Reddy/ Kabir Singh, one section of people called them cult and bold attempts but for other section of people they were Boothu films. The same is happening for Sandeep’s latest film, Animal. There are a few reasons to call the film as a vulgar/ Boothu film.

If we observe the film, the scenes between Rashmika and Ranbir Kapoor involve a lot of discussion about sex. Even the film’s Villain, Bobby Deol’s introduction episode, shows him having sex forcefully with his wife. 

Furthermore, Ranbir Kapoor and Tripti Dimri’s thread, and Ranbir walking nude outside the bungalow, asking Tripathi to lick his show, like this there are many instances that show Sandeep Vanga bringing adult or vulgar (Boothu) scenes in this film. However, the people who have loved the film are telling that the above-mentioned scenes fit well with the characters, and they are required to establish the intensity.

There was a doubt about Sandeep Reddy Vanga that he cannot bring the emotion, Entertainment, Love, Heroism, Villainism without referring to sex scenes, but he has proved wrong all the doubts with Animal.

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There have been many good scenes in the film. The way Sandeep extracted the music, action episodes and a few mind-blowing scenes where Ranbir finds about his brother-in-law’s involvement in his father’s murder attempt. Also, in Anil Kapoor’s birthday episode, Ranbir’s bonding with his sisters, Factory speech scene all worked well in the film.

Also, there is one episode in Animal that has received unanimous positive response. The episode of Ranbir bringing his cousins from ancestral village to secure his father was extraordinary as in the scene, the performances were brilliant and the placement of background song, rich visuals added more depth.

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All the above-mentioned scenes are the reason for Sandeep’s films receiving two types of opinion. One is completely good, and a bold or cult film, but the other one is Boothu film. Because Sandeep Vanga can handle emotions very well, but he also brings a lot of adult stuff into his movies. As for now, until the film, Animal runs in the theaters, the question of Animal Movie — Boothu or Bold? Will be a part of moviegoers’ discussion.

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