Cold war between NTR and Allu Arjun

All’s not well between the two of the biggest star heroes of Tollywood- NTR and Allu Arjun. The two actors are reportedly at loggerheads and things are moving towards a full-blown cold war. The reason for this is Allu Arjun disrupting NTR’s movie with Prashant Neel. It was reported last year that NTR and Neel combo is on cards and that the two had even finalized a subject. If everything fell in place, NTR 31 could have been with Neel.

Originally as per the plan, NTR was supposed to work with Trivikram for NTR 30 post RRR. Similarly, Allu Arjun was to do a movie with Koratala. The stylish star even made an announcement and shared a poster of the Koratala movie on Twitter.

Everything was going as per plan till Allu Arjun had a change of mind. He felt that post-Pushpa, which is a pan- India film, he should be doing something on a larger scale. Koratala movie, while great in subject, didn’t provide him with the greater leap that was required. Hence Prashant Neel was contacted immediately and was reportedly offered a massive remuneration in their own banner. Prashant also reacted positively to the offer.

This move from Allu Arjun has not just irked NTR but Koratala as well. Koratala Siva is irked that Allu Arjun has pushed their combo project aside for Neel’s film. NTR, who was till recently supposed to work with Trivikram on NTR30 before it got shelved is also not too pleased with this development. Meanwhile, things are not going too great between NTR and Buchi Babu Sana as well. The duo has had 3 story sittings till now with nothing getting finalized. Adding to this, Buchi Babu’s words at the Pushpa teaser event have also not gone well with the RRR star. The Uppena directed sang odes for the stylish star which especially after the recent developments has further displeased NTR. Vexed with Buchi Babu’s words and work, NTR has reportedly placed him and the project aside.

With the movie with Trivikram shelved and one with Neel pushed further away, NTR is now gearing up to deliver his best with available opportunities. Both NTR and Koratala, have decided to go full blow with NTR 30. Earlier it was supposed to be a regular project but, with these developments, the Janatha Garage combo has decided to go big. This is probably the reason that usually reticent Koratala tweeted that “Last time repairs were local…but for a change we will cross boundaries this time.”

Such situations aren’t new to NTR and he totally has the acting prowess and stardom to overcome any hurdles. Koratala too is eager to prove himself after the snub from Allu Arjun and we are sure that this time the Janatha Garage combo’s repairs will indeed be bigger and better.