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Bro Daddy review – A long and predictable family drama with a decent share of fun portions

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Movie: Bro Daddy
Rating: 2.75/5
Cast: Mohanlal, Meena, Prithviraj Sukumaran, Kalyani Priyadarshan, Lalu Alex, Kaniha, Soubin Shahir, Unni Mukundan
Director: Prithviraj Sukumaran
Streaming On: Disney+Hotstar
Release Date: 26th January, 2022

Story: Eesho (Prithviraj) and Anna (Kalyani) are in a live-in relationship and Anna unexpectedly turns out to be pregnant one fine day. Just then, Eesho’s parents John Kattadi (Mohanlal) and Anna (Meena) have another shock in store for them. What’s that shock and how did they work towards clearing all these new turn of events forms the rest of the film.

Performances: Mohanlal and Prithviraj have shared excellent rapo in the film and it is a treat to watch both of them have so much fun together. It’s a cakewalk role for both and they have ensured that the viewers experience the fun that they had on sets. Mohanlal especially is incredibly energetic and adorable as someone who takes everything on a positive and jolly note. Meena is neat in her role and easily recreated a good chemistry with Mohanlal. Kalyani Priyadarshan is cute and also delivered a very neat performance in all the funny and serious scenes. Lalu Alex is the silent show-stealer in this film. His funny reactions and expressions were hilarious and he is one of the very important pillars for this film with respect to the entertainment quotient. Kaniha was apt as his wife. Soubin Shahir and Unni Mukundan are decent in cameos. There is also a very tiny cameo from a notable young actress in the climax.

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Analysis: The story of the film is similar to Bollywood film Badhaai Ho and also Mohanlal’s earlier classic Pavithram. However, what makes this film special is the casting and it’s the entertainment factor. Watching Mohanlal and Prithviraj share screen space as father and son is a feast in itself and the presence of Meena and Kalyani are an added advantage. There are a good number of hilarious moments and fun sequences in the film. However, the film is a bit too long considering that it is on the predictable side. It’s easily guessable as to how things will happen and finally end so there is no surprise factor at all. The film intends to just entertain and if we treat the film that way, then it’s not easy to be disappointed. In comparison, the first half is on the more entertaining side than the second. The colourful visuals and pleasant music helped in adding to the feel good vibe of the film. Editing could have been better as some scenes could have been trimmed easily to sharpen the runtime. Dialogues were fun and melodrama was kept within limits which was a relief. Prithviraj has done a commendable job as a director and it’s the writing which could have been sharper, less convenient and more impressive on a whole.

Plus Points:

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Casting and performances

Music and visuals

Entertainment factor and fun vibe

Minus points:


Lack of novelty


Verdict: Bro Daddy is a feel good family drama that is good enough for timepass viewing but is a tad too long and lacks sharp and fresh writing. Can be considered a harmless one-time watch with controlled expectations.

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