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Blackmailing PR’s damaging the Hero Name and Popularity in Public

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Allu Arjun is undoubtedly one of the top leading Heroes in the Telugu Film Industry and as well as pan India level now. Because his upcoming film Pushpa 2 is the most awaited film in Indian Cinema. So, for this type of film there is no need to hype the numbers of business or any rights but still the PR team of Allu Arjun hyped the numbers by saying that 1000 Crores deal happened for theatrical rights and audio rights with these numbers continuously.

Track Tollywood had exposed this, and we have not written anything against the hero or his movie. We just wrote about the team which is desperate and putting some nonsense news into the media. If the news is false then the PR team can counter with valid proof and disclose the real numbers, but the team went personal and were directly blackmailing on social media by stating we know the details of you.

This is ridiculous behavior of a PR now because of him, the hero is getting trolled.PR team or any personal team of a hero should always elevate the hero and his image, but this kind of behavior of PR team will not do any good for them or their hero.

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As said above, if there is any wrong in the news by Track Tollywood, then the PR team could have handled it by officially clarifying without much drama. Other heroes and film celebrities react to the wrong news in a more formal way. For example, when a website had mistaken the views of Hero Naga Chaitanya about his personal issue, he directly quoted the website’s social media handle and clarified that his words were misinterpreted.

That’s the way to deal with any kind of differences or mistakes in the news, rather than blackmailing on social media with disclosing the personal details.

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