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Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Episode 77: Nagarjuna takes back the eviction pass from Prince Yawar

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In the 77th episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 7, the main highlight was Nagarjuna taking back Prince Yawar’s eviction pass. Also, Nagarjuna regularly reviewed the housemates’ gameplay. 

At first, as usual, Nagarjuna came onto the stage dancing to the song of Karthi’s Japan Movie. After watching footage from Friday, Nag met the housemates on Mana TV. He appeared in anger mode and firmly stated the mistakes of all the housemates. 

Nag congratulated Priyanka Jain on becoming the captain and said she played superbly in all the tasks. Then he asked the house about the old captain Shivaji’s performance, and all the housemates voted for him and stated his captaincy was good.

But Nag said that Shivaji should control his words and behavior during the arguments, and he should not use foul language. Shivaji said he was sorry for his comments, but Nagarjuna said he should behave patiently. 

Then, the decision of Shobha Shetty and Pallavi Prashanth to announce Prince Yawar as the eviction pass winner task came to the discussion, where the majority voted that Yawar was not the deserved winner. Nag said that Shivaji influenced Shobha and Prashanth to make the decision.

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Nag also stated that Arjun Ambati should have taken the eviction pass more seriously. He then appreciated Amar but said he should not cry or be emotional during the tasks. After that, in the 77th episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 7, Nag criticized Rathika for her gameplay and said she did not play at all.

Nagarjuna also told Gautam Krishna that he has lost flow in. his game and should make a comeback. For Ashwini, he said that she should improve her game. He also stated that Pallavi Prashanth needs to pay attention to his game. Even for Shobha Shetty, Nagarjuna said that her game also has been dropped, and she should not get emotional too often.

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Then, in the 77th episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 7, Nagarjuna played old videos and showed Prince Yawar playing foul in the eviction pass tasks. Yawar said he wants to return the eviction pass if someone thought he did not play well. Nag then took back the eviction pass back from Yawar. 

Also, Nagarjuna cleared the confusion between Rathika, Amar, and Yawar regarding an old discussion between Amar and Rathika. 

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