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Bigg Boss Telugu 7 – Day 46: Gulabi Puram VS Jalebi Puram

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Gulabi Puram VS Jalebi Puram was the highlight on the 46th day of Bigg Boss Telugu 7th Season. The housemates played an entertaining task, donned funny and retro outfits and tried to provide entertainment in the 46th episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 7.

Before that, the episode started with the housemates dancing to the song Aa Ante Amala Puram from Arya film. Thereafter, the housemates had a few discussions. Pooja Murthy and Tasty Teja argued when the former wanted to give the latter a punishment for five days continuously as per the instructions of Nagarjuna.

Shivaji became emotional while talking to Prince Yawar regarding the nominations. Then Bigg Boss gave a new task for the captaincy, as part of which a spaceship was set up in the house as if aliens were in it. The housemates were divided into two teams. One was Jalebi Puram, and the other team was Gulabi Puram. In both teams, whoever gets to impress the aliens was said to be the captaincy contender.

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As a part of the task, Shobha and Teja played the roles of a divorced couple. Amar was a tea stall, and in the village, he eavesdrops the gossips from one person to another. Sandeep was set as the business rival of Amar, while Gautam played the role of the lover of Shobha, who is a village Sarpanch.

Prince Yawar played an NRI looking for a village girl to marry. Pooja Murthy is a village girl with a crush on Arjun Ambati, a local rowdy. All of them have appeared in village getups in their roles. Priyanka played the role of Jalebi Puram Sarpanch, and Bhole played the role of an astrologer. Prashanth was an assistant to Arjun, whose name was Chamcha. Shivaji was set as the head of two villages.

Ashwini was shown as a beautiful girl from Jalebi Puram. The Bigg Boss has put aside the physical tasks and set up an entertaining setup in the house on the 46th Day. Bigg Boss has filled the episode with entertainment by reminding us of the famous characters that we find in the villages.

Thereafter, an egg saving task was given to the housemates to impress the Aliens. Finally, team Jalebi Puram won the job as they saved 18 Eggs, while the Gulabi Puram team saved 17 Eggs. Shobha cried after that as she could not make her team win the task. The task ended today, while the big boss told it would continue tomorrow.

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