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Bigg Boss Telugu 7 – Day 32: The first captaincy task still continued as Shivaji and Prashanth get back into the game

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In today’s episode, the captaincy task put all the contestants confused as Shivaji and Prashanth argued with Yawar and even Amar, Priyanka and Sandeep were also not okay with his decision. The arguments in the house continued for a longtime between the contestants.

Except Shobha and Gautam every contestant was against Yawar and had arguments with him. Shivaji then consoles Yawar but the other contestants, especially Prashanth, Amar, and Priyanka, said that Yawar had lost his good image because of his wrong decision.

Thereafter, Bigg Boss gave the contestants another task named “Dorikithe Donga… Dorakka Pothe Dora”. The Contestants were told to gather the things if bigg boss without disturbing his friend who was sleeping in the activity area. The winners would get more points, as per the bigg boss’s instructions. During the task, Yawar and Shobha were involved in a fight.

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Bigg Boss finally declared Shivaji and Prashanth as the first pair because they had fewer items which were unwanted, and they got three stars. Priyanka and Shobha were settled in the second position with 2 stars, while Subhashree and Gautam came third with getting one Star. Then the third challenge in the captaincy task was announced by bigg boss which was named as Fruit Ninja.

In the task the contestants were instructed to throw the fruits in the buckets which will be placed on their buddies’ heads and make juice with them. The first place was occupied by Yawar and Teja, Amar and Sandeep stood at the second place while Shivaji and Prashanth were at the third place.

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