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Balakrishna confidently states, “I don’t care about NTR’s response”

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Today at NTR Trust Bhavan, actor-politician Nandamuri Balakrishna addressed with Telangana TDP members. While pledging that the TDP will defend Chandrababu Babu from the bogus accusations in court, Balakrishna also made fun of the individuals who were feigning compassion for the TDP leader.

In an open admission, Balakrishna claims that the majority of those who oppose Chandrababu’s arrest are only doing so to get votes. He believes that people who criticize Naidu’s arrest focus on his age and label it “injustice” but that no one mentions the lack of proof or the fact that there was no fraud at all.

When asked about the center’s role in Chandrababu Naidu’s detention, Balayya responded that he didn’t want to make accusations against anyone until fully comprehending the situation. Additionally, Balayya noted Pawan Kalyan’s unwavering support for Chandrababu Naidu and praised him for his quick response in denouncing the arrest following mulaqat.

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Balayya said he wouldn’t mind if no one replied by referring to the film industry’s silence as a political problem. Balakrishna remarked, “I don’t care! “ When asked about Jr NTR’s silence on Chandrababu Naidu’s arrest. ‘I don’t care! Bro… I don’t care. That is my next picture and not just cinema, cinema ne kaadu, bayata kuda’ said Balakrishna.

Although it is clear that Jr. NTR did not want to comment on Chandrababu’s incarceration, Balayya’s “I don’t care” remark suggests a strained relationship and, in a sense, puts an end to the topic of NTR and the TDP’s relationship at this time.

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