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AP Government Putting A Fullstop To Ticket Prices Issues

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The ticket rates issue in Andhra Pradesh has been going on for months now. Despite best efforts from various prominent members of the Telugu industry, AP CM Jagan has been hellbent on not lowering ticket rates. The AP government has made a lot of impact in the Telugu industry with the new Government Order GO 35.

A lot of prominent figures from the Telugu Film Industry also met with Perni Nani to discuss a solution to this problem but there had been no improvements.

A few days ago, Chiranjeevi met YS Jagan and had a thorough discussion regarding the ticket rates. Chiranjeevi said that the industry is okay with government control on the ticket rates but requested to revise the current government order with reasonable prices.

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Chiranjeevi has given a list of prices to the government. Jagan is considering this list and is planning to issue a new statement within one week. Jagan is going to consider the new rates based on area and theatre location.

This will be a major boost for the Telugu film industry. This Summer season is also packed with a massive lineup of biggies and if ticket rates are increased, it will be a festival.

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