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Allu Ayaan Takes the Internet by Storm: Trending Everywhere

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Allu Ayaan takes the internet by storm and is trending everywhere. He is the son of Allu Arjun and has been trending on the internet recently with his funny actions and mannerisms. Netizens are well-connected with his humorous antics.

Recently, he sang the song “Lutt Putt Gaya” from the movie Dunki, and it went viral on the internet. Today, Shahrukh Khan acknowledged the video and posted it on Twitter, saying, “Thank u lil one… you are a flower and fire both rolled into one!!! Now getting my kids to practice singing Allu Arjun’s ‘Srivalli’.” Allu Arjun responded humbly to this with Shahrukh Khan’s love.

Now, this conversation has made Allu Ayaan’s singing video take the internet by storm. Dunki is now streaming on Netflix and it’s trending globally and India wide. The movie is streaming only in Hindi language which is disappointing south Indian auidnces.

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