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Allu Arjun Opened about Icon Star Tag

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Allu Arjun got a brand of Stylish Star in Tollywood. His styling in all of the movies justified this tag but recently Pushpa team and his fans started calling him Icon Star? No one ever got a proper explanation for this tag change.

In a recent interview Allu Arjun himself revealed this. We all know how Pushpa movie is going to be. The movie comes under a complete mass, raw and rustic genre. Allu Arjun looks in a deglamorized role. The tag stylish star isn’t something that will exactly fit in this sphere.

Director Sukumar said this on the first day itself to Allu Arjun. Stylish star is a tag that needs to be used everywhere when there is a discussion about Allu Arjun. But as far as Pushpa is considered he has to come out of the image. Sukumar said to Allu Arjun that he is not going to call him Stylish star anymore.

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They brainstormed for the new tag and Sukumar said that whatever you do, it becomes iconic. Then why don’t you become an icon star? That is how Stylish star Allu Arjun transformed into Icon Star Allu Arjun. Changing his tag that has been with him for years so that he can fit into the film is commendable.

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