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Allu Arjun is angry with Sukumar

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Allu Arjun is angry with Sukumar. It is widely known that Icon Star Allu Arjun and Director Sukumar are currently working on the most awaited sequel, Pushpa: The Rule. The film has already announced to be released on August 15, 2024. However, the latest developments in the film’s making seem to have hurt the feelings of the lead hero. It is being reported that Allu Arjun is angry with Sukumar.

Pushpa Part 1 was released 2021 December and Sukumar took one year to complete the script and pre-production works. Then the shoot of the sequel started at the end of 2022 and at first, their plan was to release the film for 2023 Christmas.

Later, with the delays in the shooting, the plan shifted to March 2024 and again, after all discussions with right planning, the team fixed the date of 15th August 2024. Allu Arjun is very particular about release dates of his films, and he wants to release the film on the said date at any cost.

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Pushpa 2 facing delays in filming

Sukumar is said to have delayed every schedule of the film, which is making Allu Arjun angry and frustrated. The problem is if they miss the 15th of August date they might even have to go 2025 Summer as August–December period is packed with many biggies announcing their release dates such as OG, Devara, Game Changer, Kanguva and a few more pan India biggies are also expected to come at that time.

Sankranthi 2025 is already packed with big and small films. Allu Arjun is not happy with this but on the other hand, Sukumar is not in a mood to wrap the things in a rushed way, and he is continuously working on the script and checking the footage. If he e not satisfied with the output, he is immediately asking for reshoot.

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The budget of the film, Pushpa 2 also said to be getting increased by 30% — 40% with these delays, but producers do not have any problem as they already know that Sukumar’s work will result in a big success much like his previous films, Rangasthalam and Pushpa:The Rise.

Pushpa 2 is the biggest Indian project, so the makers do not have any problem with the delay. But Allu Arjun wants to release the film on the best date, and also he does not want to keep his fans and audiences continuously in waiting stage.

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