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Allu Arjun faces health issues during Pushpa 2 shooting

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Allu Arjun’s Pushpa 2 is in its production stage and has managed to create massive hype nationwide. While Pushpa’s massive success in the Hindi version is one reason, Allu Arjun’s National Award win for the film is another one. Fans are eager to catch what Sukumar has packed in Pushpa: The Rule this time around.

The team is currently filming jaathara episode that will feature Allu Arjun in a female getup and a mass fight action episode and song with a large number of artists will follow. While picturing the song, Allu Arjun has said to have performed some heavy dance steps in complete costume which is not easy at all. This heavy-duty dance has caused some back pain and other health issues. 

Due to this, Allu Arjun is taking a small break and taking complete rest. He is expected to join the shoot next week. The Icon Star is someone who puts more than 100% into satisfying the fans and audience and he knows how big a film Pushpa 2 is. On the other side Sukumar who is a perfectionist wants everything to be perfect so the team is not compromising on any part of the film.

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