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Actress Tamannah denies the marriage rumors in a funny way

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Tamannah Bhatia has been in the industry for quite some time already. Questions about her marriage started as she stepped into her early thirties. Celebrities life is always under limelight and fans are curious to know the details. Some overenthusiastic people spread rumors that she is going to get married soon. Tammannah responded to these rumors in her style.

Tammannah took these rumors in a lighter vein and posted a video from her movie F3 where she comes in a male getup with a caption of “Introducing my businessman husband” with a few laughing emojis on her Instagram status, quoting the status of a media handle called ViralBhayani.

Tamannaah Bhatia was recently seen in the films Babli Bouncer and Plan A Plan B, which premiered directly on OTT. But unfortunately, both movies failed to grab the audience’s interest because of their disappointing content. In addition, these rumors regarding the actress’ marriage must have irked her.

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Stars on a daily basis have to face these baseless rumors and most of them don’t even acknowledge them to avoid further controversies. But Tamannah posting this status and clearing the air is a creative and funny way of dealing with such rumors.

South Indian lady superstars are getting married one by one of late. Started with Kajal, the trend continued with Nayanthara, and latest news is that Hansika is going to get wedded with her best friend.

These happenings might have led to these rumors emerging from thin air. Media handles have to follow some restrain to avoid poke into the personal lives of the celebrities unless they issue a press release or speak up in public.

After F3, Tamannaah is busy with Chiranjeevi’s Bhola Shankar, which is up for a Grand Summer 2023 release.

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