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Bollywood Stars Are Now Forced To Cut Their Remunerations

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During the COVID-19 peak period, all the film industries from various regions collectively incurred massive losses. Due to the shutting down of theatres and restrictions on the shooting of films, many people lost crores of money.

But after the COVID-19 wave, some industries have restored their old form somewhat. For example, the Telugu and Tamil Film industries have been consistently delivering hits in the last few months and have shown promise.

On the other hand, Bollywood has had a very tough time getting back to its original form after COVID-19. Let alone small-scale films, even star-driven movies have failed to perform at the box office. The opening numbers are disastrous and very opposite from the star hero opening numbers in the South Indian States.

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What is fascinating is that dubbed South Indian movies are doing better in Hindi than straight Hindi films. A prime example of this is the recent Karhtikeya 2 which outperformed Akshay’s Raksha Bandhan or Kantara which performed better than Ajay Devgn’s Thank God.

As a result of this, the star heroes are being forced to cut down their remunerations. Only time will tell if this will work or not but this is definetely the need of the hour. Actors like Akshay and Hrithik are charging massive amounts but only pulling in weak numbers to theatres.

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