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40 lakhs table profit for a Big Producer with RRR fan shows

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Sithara entertainments producer Naga Vamsi is earning good profits for his films. The young producer is earning profits for RRR as well. Wait, What? Naga Vamsi is not the producer for RRR right?. Yes, for RRR the producer turned as distributor and the news is that he already made profits before the release itself.

RRR business will be unpredictable. Everyone involved are expected to make good money with this. So no one wants to miss this opportunity. Recently it is heard that Naga Vamsi bought the rights of RRR for Australia. The latest info is that the young producer bought benefit shows in Hyderabad and minted huge money.

Rumour is that Naga Vamsi gained 40 Lakhs table profit. This profit is just for buying 6 Benefit shows in Hyderabad. It is heard that he bought the benefit shows for 1Cr and sold to other parties for 1.4Cr. If this is true, the cost of benefit show ticket will be very high. Just three days to go to witness the jaw dropping number game.

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