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2022 is a sad and toughest year for Superstar Mahesh Babu

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2022 is probably the hardest year for Superstar Mahesh Babu. He is going through tough times, seeing three major losses in the same calendar year. His fans wholeheartedly wishing him strength and courage.

Mahesh Babu is known as a family man with deep emotional connection with his brother. As much as Superstar Krishna was connected to his brother Adi Seshagiri Rao, this generation superstar Mahesh is also very much close to his brother Ramesh Babu.

Due to health reasons, Ramesh Babu passed away in this year’s January. This left Mahesh and Ghattamaneni fans in a shock. Ramesh Babu died at a young age of 56 years.

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It hasn’t taken even a year to see the second loss in the family, his mother Indira Devi garu. As we all know how much he is attached to his mother, fans, and the entire Telugu movie fraternity paid condolences.

Superstar Krishna is known to be a fit human being who takes care of his health meticulously. He was healthy and sound even in the last week according to his personal physician.

However, things have turned upside down quickly. The third untimely death in the family within a span of one year. People close to the family are now consoling Mahesh and the family for these terrible losses.

No matter how much the support and love others show, losing blood relations is very hard to take. Mahesh revers his father deeply and considers him as God and inspiration. Unfortunately, a great son lost a great father.

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