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Why Mega Power Star Ram Charan is still listening to other scripts?

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Why Mega Power Star still listening to other scripts is the question which is doing rounds in the industry circles now. We know that Ram Charan has confirmed his forthcoming projects with young director Buchi babu, and he has further pipe lined another one with the maverick director Sukumar.

We also know that RC15 with Shankar is still in the shooting stage, so seeing all these developments, everyone thought that Ram Charan will be busy with these projects for the next 3 years at least.

But much to the surprise of all, he is still listening to other directors scripts which has putting a lot of doubts about his lineup now.

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However, according to the close circles of Ram Charan it is being said that if he is excited more for any new script, he will probably change the order of his upcoming films.

After a mammoth success like RRR, it is natural that Ram Charan taking special care of his next films. But choosing too many options at a a point can damage the chances of getting a great script too.

We hope that Ram Charan is successful in selecting the right script at the correct point and well use a Pan Indian blockbuster like RRR.

A couple of days back, report broke out that Mega Powerstar Ram Charan and his wife Upasana are awaiting their first child soon. Charan’s father, Megastar Chiranjeevi announced the news on his social media platforms.

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Meanwhile, the latest news is that Ram Charan took off for a brief break with his partner in Thailand. Reports indicate that Ram Charan will celebrate one week’s vacation with his wife Upasana and her parents in Thailand and come back to India in the last week of December.

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