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Why different rules for Nani?

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Natural Star Nani has been going through a rough time when it comes to theatrical releases. His last two films ‘V’ and ‘Tuck Jagadish’ both released on Amazon Prime Video much to his disappointment. These OTT releases, however, made Nani a soft target of a number of distributors and exhibitors. The trade group blamed him and attacked him via press conferences and public statements.

A lot of hue and cry was made during Tuck Jagadish OTT release with many exhibitors and distributors seeking a ban on Nani.

Compare this to the treatment being meted out to other biggies. SureshBabu & Venkatesh’s own film, Drushyam2 is going for OTT release. Even their last film Narappa also went for a direct OTT release. Despite this, no one batted an eyelid or made any opposing statements.

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No one blamed Suresh Babu or Venkatesh because they are big names in the industry. A movie’s release whether on OTT or theatres is completely a producer’s call. It was really unfortunate at the dual treatment served in Nani’s case. It’s time the entire trade fraternity stops giving lectures.

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