Weekend Box office : The disastrous phase continues for Exhibitors

There is no denial in saying that exhibitors are going through a rough patch now. A lot of movies that were released lately didn’t perform well at the box office. Vikram was the last film that did good numbers. Last week release- Happy Birthday was promoted on a great scale. Trade Pandits have expected it to perform good in A-centers. However, that didn’t make the movie hit.

Pakka Commercial was another movie that fell flat at the box office. These disastrous results have a huge impact on the exhibitors. Despite having a holiday weekend, the movies didn’t perform as expected. Because of this there is huge hassle among the exhibitors and distributors.

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Are audience not willing to come to the theaters for small films? Are they preferring OTT release rather than a theater release? Well, it seems like that only. With the ticket rates and early OTT releases, small scale films are unable to lure audience into theatres.

Recently producers council has made a decision to release movies on OTT platforms only after 6-8 weeks of theatrical release. However, with the scenes at theaters, this decision might not stick around for a long time. Producers would go with early OTT release to recover at least some of their losses.

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