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We miss a large chunk of audience by doing remakes, says Ram Charan

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In a recent interview with Hindustan Times, Ram Charan was asked several questions, but one question had caught everyone’s attention. The host of the interview complained Charan regarding remakes losing a section of audience. Mega Power star’s response is the hot topic now.

Charan accepted that remakes in OTT era definitely will face issues. According to him, audiences who already watched the movie may not be interested to watch the movie coming to theaters. However, in his defense he added that Superstars doing remakes might bring audiences to theaters.

Mega family is known for doing remakes. Chiranjeevi has done two remakes in last four movies. Pawan Kalyan is rarely doing original script. In this scenario, Charan responding to a question on remakes is interesting. In fact, he was the one who suggested Lucifer remake to Chiranjeevi.

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Fans are also against remakes, and they are attributing fewer openings to remakes. Godfather hasn’t garnered star hero level openings due to poor buzz. Lucifer was watched by lot of Telugu youth on OTT, so as Pink Or Ayyapanum Koshiyum.

Remakes are an outdated concept, when there is a chance for watching original with subtitles. Most of the time, the essence of the original is lost in the remake. Chiranjeevi defended these arguments by saying that remakes can be better than original and are more risky.

Still, when the original is freely available what is the point of watching a remake? These questions have to be deeply thought about when fans are against the idea of mega heroes doing remakes.

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