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Vivek Athreya and Nani blaming audience for negative comments and Reviews

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The film crew of ‘Ante Sundaraniki’ starring Nani and Nazriya celebrated the success of the film and organized a solid event today. All the team members have graced the event and none have spoke about the Box-office numbers.

On this occasion, director Vivek Atreya, who was punished for the lengthy screenplay despite the impressive story, addressed the same issue.

Released on June 10, ‘Ante Sundaraniki’ is a clean comedy and heartfelt film with emotions. However, the film did not fare well in terms of box office collections.

One of the main reasons quoted for it is the three-hour runtime. The first half was very high, according to reviews and audience feedback.

Film director Vivek Atreya has refused to accept that trimming some parts of the film from the first half of the film will help.

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“When I can shoot the second half fast, I can shoot the first half as well. But there are a lot of connecting scenes between the first half and the second half. Those scenes are especially important for childhood scenes. The film needs this runtime.” Vivek Atreya at the Success Event ‘for Sundarani’.

Although most of the scenes in the film are well-suited to young and middle-aged people, the film team says that only one category in the Telugu media is a run-time issue.

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