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Ante Sundaraniki Review: Good entertainment with beautiful emotions

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Movie: Ante Sundaraniki
Rating: 3/5
Cast: Nani, Nazariya, Naresh, Rohini, Nadiya
Director: Vivek Athreya
Produced By: Mythri Movie Makers
Release Date: June 10th, 2022

After giving average fares like Tuck Jagadish and Shyam Singha Roy, Nani has placed extremely high expectations on romantic-comedy Ante Sundaraniki. This Vivek Athreya film has promised to give Nani fans what they have been eagerly awaiting for. With the presence of Nazariya, the film carries a fresh look and the trailers and other promotional content also showed great promise. Let’s find out if the movie delivers on the great potential it showcased.

Story: Nani ( Sundar) and Nazariya (Leela) are poles apart when it comes to their personalities, religions, and upbringing. While Sundar is a timid and simple guy belonging to the Brahmin community, Leela is a practical and ambitious woman from an orthodox Christian family. As fate would have it, the duo fall in love but their religious differences are a major obstacle. How the couple schemes, plots and comes up with some outrageous plans to unite and what happens when their families find out about this inter-religious relationship is what the story is about.

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Performances: Vivek Athreya has showcased Nani in his strongest zone- as a boy next door. Nani’s comic timing is impeccable and so is his character development throughout the movie. He breezes through his role with an ease that was missing in his earlier movies. Nani brings out the simplicity of Sundar to life on screen and is the biggest asset of the film. Nazariya is a perfect addition to this plot and holds quite strong in a movie that has got some pretty strong characters. She gives a pretty convincing performance as Leela and doesn’t fade away even for a moment. Naresh as Sundar’s father is terrific with his comic timing as well as emotions. His scenes with Nani are truly worth your movie ticket.

Analysis: The story of lovers coming from polar opposite backgrounds is not something new to Tollywood. But, credits must go to Vivek Athreya for building this quirky and thoroughly entertaining world that gives us a fresh perspective on this age-old plot. Those who have seen the young directors’ other works like Mental Madhilo and Brochevarevarura would definitely know that fun-filled yet sensible portrayal that Vivek is known for. Certain glitches in first half aside, Ante Sundaraniki is a fun ride that packs emotions and entertainment quite well and is definitely going to appeal to the family audience. The writing is breezy and just takes the plot ahead naturally and the second half takes the movie to its peak.

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Plus Points:

  • Nani and Nazariya
  • Strong dose of entertainment and emotions
  • Writing
  • Supporting characters

Minus Points:

  • Runtime
  • Few scenes in first half
  • Music

Verdict: Ante Sundaraniki is definitely something that should be on your watch list for the weekend. Apart from getting to see vintage Nani onscreen after long, you can also witness strong performances from Nazariya and Naresh in this out-and-out family entertainer. Vivek Athreya has indeed given another remarkable movie.

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