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Veera Simha Reddy review: Balayya lightens up this template entertainer

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Movie: Veera Simha Reddy
Rating: 2.75/5
Cast: Balakrishna, Shruti Haasan, Duniya Vijay, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Lal
Director: Gopichand Malineni
Produced By: Mythri Movie Makers
Release Date: 12th January 2022

Balakrishna’s Veera Simha Reddy has finally hit the screens amidst mass euphoria and fans’ unending excitement. Balayya is joining hands with Gopichand Malineni for this mass entertainer and both Balayya and the director are on a career-high with the massive success of Akhanda and Krack respectively. The film’s advance bookings and overseas pre-sales have given encouraging signs and let’s find out if the film managed to stand up to the hype.

Story: Veera Simha Reddy (Balakrishna) rules the Pulicherla region as a powerful faction leader. His son Jai Simha Reddy (Balakrishna) stays in Istanbul away from his father. What’s the relationship dynamics between Veera Simha Reddy and his son and how their lives connect due to Bhanumati (Varalaxmi Sarathkumar) forms the rest of the story

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Performances: Balakrishna has done this role countless times in his life. He roars loud as Veera Simha Reddy and his characterization and performance as the older one are the movie’s highlight. He has carried the film entirely on his shoulder. Shruti Haasan has nothing fresh to offer in this hero-dominated film and is there in the first half and later in some songs where she oozes great energy. Varalaxmi Sarathkumar as Bhanumati packs a great punch and has a meaty role. Duniya Vijay as the antagonist lacks the ferocity to counter the Balakrishna effect and fades on-screen. A better conflict and stronger villain character would have helped the film immensely.

Analysis: Veera Simha Reddy is a standard template entertainer with punch dialogues, action scenes, and political monologues all placed to please hardcore fans. The film is a collection of action sequences all brilliantly designed appearing one after another and this is where the main problem of the movie begins. The film fails to connect well enough with the audience who might lose interest in the proceedings due to an overdose of commercial elements.

Plus Points:

  • Balakrishna’s screen presence and characterization
  • Some Action blocks
  • Thaman’s BGM
  • Balakrishna and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar’s emotional scenes
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Minus Points:

  • Balakrishna and Shruti Haasan’s love track
  • Routine story and dialogues
  • Weak villain characterization


Veera Simha Reddy is Balayya’s strong zone and he breezes through the role. It would have been better if more emphasis was placed on getting a better screenplay and not just pandering to the fans. Overall the movie is Balakrishna’s one-man show with enough mass moments and whistle-worthy scenes.

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