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Varisu movie review: Predictable, but has its moments of spark

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Movie: Varisu
Rating: 2.75/5
Cast: Vijay, Rashmika Mandanna, Prakash Raj, Sarathkumar, Srikanth, Jaya Sudha
Director: Vamshi Paidipally
Produced By: ‘Dil’ Raju and Sirish
Release Date: 11th January 2022

Kollywood Star Vijay’s Varisu is the next big release for the Sankranti season. The film features Rashmika for the first time with ‘Thalapathy’ and the makers have promised the movie to be a wholesome family entertainer with enough whistle-worthy moments for Vijay’s fans. Amidst all these, how’s the execution, and did Thalapathy manage to win the audience’s hearts after the disaster of Beast? Let’s find out.

Story: Vijay Rajendran (Vijay) has little interest in being a part of the business empire run by his father Rajendran (Sarathkumar). His elder brothers Ajay Rajendran (Sham) and Vijay Rajendran(Srikanth) help their father with their massive business while Vijay is a carefree soul. Through a twist of events Vijay has to take his responsibility and protect his family as well as business. Why did he come back and how he eventually conquers the challenges is what Varisu follows.

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Performances: Vijay as a carefree soul does a decent job and while the movie provides little scope for performance, he has to be content with the traditional punch dialogues and fights to carry the movie ahead. Jayasudha and Sarathkumar as his parents do a good job and Srikanth and Sham have a decent presence but that ends once Vijay takes over. Rashmika has nothing special to do here and as the commercial format goes, she just adds to the hero’s character arc. Prakash Raj as the antagonist Jayaprakash has a meaty role and something he has done countless times in his career and presents no novelty.

Analysis: Varisu is a familiar tale that we have seen countless times in Telugu movies. Plot-wise there’s no freshness and it’s Vijay, who to a large extent manages to bring fun to the proceedings. The film takes too long to get to the conflict and takes its own sweet time to establish the characters and their dynamics. The slow and dull first half is salvaged by a racy latter half which does complete fan service and plays to the gallery.

Plus Points:

  • Second half
  • BGM
  • Production values
  • Vijay in parts
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Minus Points:

  • Dull screenplay in the first half
  • Predictability
  • Comedy
  • Overall entertainment value


Varisu is a classic example of old wine in a new bottle. Several scenes and situations would remind you of some earlier movies and plot similarities are too obvious to ignore. However, the movie is saved by strong technical aspects with production values and Thaman’s BGM particularly elevating Vijay and his quest to protect his family and business.

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