Vakeel Saab fails to beat Attarintiki Daredi

Vakeel Saab that released last month received rave reviews from all sections. The hype around the movie ever since it was announced was unbelievable. With Power Star Pawan Kalyan making a comeback to the silver screen after 3 long years, fans’ excitement levels knew no bounds. The film opened to great collections and turned out to be the biggest opener in the Indian film industry since lockdown.

Vakeel Saab registered an excellent start in Nizam, but, after opening day the film failed to hold same momentum. After the initial euphoria, post Day 5 most centers failed to get shares because of the huge release. Adding to it, the Covid second wave and theatres issue with the government also played a massive role in the film not fairing well as per expectations.

The Nizam area has always been Pawan Kalyan’s strong zone. But Vakeel Saab failed to get the cash registers ringing like before. Vakeel Saab collected Rs 23.5 crores of closing share including GST. If we take out the GST of the equation the collection totals Rs 21 crores. Pawan Kalyan’s blockbuster Attarintiki Daaredi also collected around the same amount of Rs 23 crores way back in 2013. The collections of Attarinitiki Daaredi were an all-time record in Nizam back then. It was expected that Vakeel Saab will easily beat the record after 8 years and add on much more. However, it failed to do so.