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Unfair elimination in Bigg Boss Telugu 7 to save Shobha Shetty

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An unfair elimination in Bigg Boss Telugu 7 is being done to save Shobha Shetty. There are a total of 8 contestants in this week’s nominations. Shobha Shetty is said to have received the least votes in all the unofficial polls. However, according to the management quota, Tasty Teja, another contestant, is being eliminated this week to save Shobha Shetty.

Whenever Shobha Shetty is in the nominations, without any second option, the public says Shobha Shetty will be eliminated. But to save Shobha, someone else is being sacrificed every time. Last week, Aata Sandeep, before that, Nayani Pavani were also victims of Bigg Boss management’s partiality towards Shobha Shetty.

Shobha Shetty has more negativity than anyone else in the house. People hate her when she appears on the screen. Despite this negativity, the Bigg Boss management is saving her. As part of the agreement, it was reported that it was pre-decided how many weeks she would stay in the house. The argument of strong contestants being eliminated to save her is strongly heard.

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However, with this week’s elimination, that claim proved true. The latest news is that Tasty Teja has been eliminated to save Shobha Shetty. As said above, in all unofficial votes, Shobha Shetty was the last in this week’s voting.

Usually, unofficial polls will reflect Bigg Boss’s actual eliminations in this season. Also, the same happened for other contestants, but in Shobha’s case, it is the other way around. Most netizens feel that the Bigg Boss Telugu team is trying in all possible ways to elevate Shobha Shetty’s house, and a love track was also created between Shobha and Teja, but it did not work for the audience.

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This week, everyone expected Shobha to be eliminated, but as said above, the buzz is Tasty Teja is getting eliminated tomorrow, and Shobha is safe again. Shobha Shetty will also be safe next week, as she is nominated as the new captain. The viewers did not like Rathika’s re-entry and now Tasty Teja’s unfair elimination.

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