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Tollywood’s Box Office Results for Q1 2024

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The first quarter at the Tollywood box office was a disappointing one. Small films like Hanuman performed exceptionally well while big star movies like Guntur Kaaram couldn’t stand up to the hype.

Unlike the Malayalam industry which has delivered four massive blockbusters in just three months, Tollywood has witnessed only a couple of blockbusters in Hanuman and Tillu Square. Here’s a Tollywood box office report of films that were released in the first quarter and their performance.

Tollywood January Releases

Guntur Kaaram: Above Average
Hanuman : Sensational Blockbuster
Saindhav: Disaster
Naa Saami Ranga : Hit

Tollywood February Releases

Ambaji Peta Marriage Band : Average
Yatra2 : Disaster
Eagle : Disaster
True lover [Dub] : Disaster
Lal salaam [Dub] : Disaster
Ooru Peru Bhairavakona: Above Average
Sundaram Master : Disaster

Tollywood March Releases

Chari 111: Disaster
Operation Valentine: Disaster
Vyooham : Disaster
Bhimaa : Disaster
Gaami : Hit
Razakar : Disaster
Premalu [Dub] : Blockbuster
Om Bheem Bush : Flop
Tillu square : Blockbuster

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In the coming months, we will have several big star movie releases including Prabhas’ Kalki, NTR’s Devara, Allu Arjun’s Pushpa and Pawan Kalyan’s OG among others. It needs to be seen what kind of impact these films along with several other releases make as the year progresses.

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