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Tollywood Suffers from Sequel Issues

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Baahubali and KGF with their massive success had such a great impact on Indian cinema, especially in Telugu cinema where every other small or big film is ending with a sequel announcement. Recently it happened for Skanda, Peddha Kapu, Devil, Salar, Hanuman, and Eagle. Even other language films are also doing the same. 

In Telugu, there are several films with sequels already in progress. The problem is if the story demands or it has a bigger span announcing sequels is not an issue. But most of the films are using first part for the introduction to 2nd part and end the first film on an abrupt note.

There is also another small problem with the sequels. If the first part works then there is no issue and a huge buzz will be created on other parts. But right now most of the film’s first part itself is not working which is resulting in shelving of sequel plans.

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The makers need to be careful and announce a 2-part or a 3-part film only if the need arises. Going for multiple parts just because its a trend will only result in half-baked movies and no sequels later on. The rush for part 2 should not result in part 1 failure. If a story can be conveyed in one part, why extend it to a second one ?

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