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Tollywood Stands TOP in India

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Corona has shuffled the world entirely and right now in this pandemic situation, everyone is having their quarantine life by having spent with their family and remaining stuff. Not only the film lover’s general audience are also spending their quarantine with OTT platforms and internet browsing.

Recent studies during this pandemic situation say that most searched movie keywords in India are a bit surprising. Mostly horror movies are been searched and then after best Telugu movies 2020 are been searched. 950% searched for horror movies and 450% searched for best Telugu movies in 2020. Remaining have watched according to their interests like entertainment and other things. This is the craze going around India for our very own Tollywood movies and this could be a proud moment for our Industry too.

Other than movies, the most searched keyword is corona insurance and that too it has 1230% of people searching it in their browsers. There are other searches too like Kirana items and grocery items but not more about education but had a look at online courses.

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