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Tollywood Commences Corporate bookings in USA

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Tollywood Commences Corporate bookings in the USA. It seems like Corporate Bookings are the latest trend in Indian Cinema. It is widely known that how a big controversy happened during the clash of Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki and Prabhas’s Salaar at Christmas 2023. Now, even Tollywood Commences Corporate bookings in the USA.

Before a few months back, Tollywood did not have this corporate bookings culture and Bollywood was famous for following this culture from long time. Now recently Tollywood industry is also said to have started adopting this culture.

According to the industry buzz, these corporate bookings not only happening in North India, and now they have also spread to the USA. If the same trend continues, then corporate booking will become a normal thing in Telugu film industry as well.

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It might even beat Bollywood if the trend continues, as the race between stars and films is becoming very high with each film. The meaning of Corporate Bookings is Producers themselves will start putting their money to show records or to influence the audiences that their movies are doing so big at the box office.

This is a dangerous trend for Tollywood and it is not at all needed as well. If these corporate bookings increase, then the real market of industry cannot be understood by the buyers and there are high chances for distributors losing the amounts by misunderstanding the market.

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